Hey look at this dog you guys. See you next month. (at Crissy Field)

Posted 2 days ago

#year30 month two, you guys. Celebrate with Miley! (at Puppy Mansion )

This carpet’s sock game is on point // #sfcyclingclub (at Crows Nest Santa Cruz)

Posted 1 month ago

Pretty good month to start off #Year30 here’s some stuff I took moving pictures of. (Staring: @lisadlug @penny_farthing @bremnermorris @nickkova) #puppymansionpublishing (at Puppy Mansion)

Y’all should follow my roommate @nickkova. Mostly just to see more of me, but also he takes pretty ok photos & stuff. (at Marin Headlands)

Happy New Year guys. Welcome to #year30. Gonna be trying to write letters to everyone who wants one. Do you want a letter? Just get me your address. You can text it to me, Facebook it to me, DM it to me on here, there’s lots of ways. Let’s be pen pals. (at Puppy Mansion)

I am the Firestarter©. This booze blend will certainly put a bee in your bonnet, a pep in your step, a fire under your arse! Garnished with two lit matches, the refreshing whirlpool of vodka, Hawaiian Punch, & five Hour Energy is perfect for getting your night started wrong. Jerry™ drinks three a day to stay jovial. #cocktology #craftcocktailsbro #mixology @thejeritage (at Puppy Mansion)

"The quickest way to a mans heart is through his liver" Jerry™ always used to say, & as such I present the Valentines Day edition of KevRox’s Cocktology Class. The Drag My Heart Through the Mud® brings out the taste of love with its hints of ethanol fumes & chocolate milk. The ever important gummy heart garnish™ it the frosting on this little love cake. #cocktology #craftcocktailsbro #mixology @thejeritage (at Puppy Mansion)

Ninja styles. (at High Tide)

Only to be crafted by the most seasoned professionals, the Back Alley Boiler Maker® requires more than cocksman knowledge but also a level of grace. Already outlawed in 32 states due to the dangerous materials involved, Jerry™ is one of the privileged few who can still create such a work of art. #cocktology #craftcocktailsbro #mixology @thejeritage (at Puppy Mansion)

"Not shaving my legs today was a bad idea." - Mayor of #PuppyMansion (at Puppy Mansion)

Hey guys, #YearThirty is coming up fast. In honor of my name day I’ll be doing some sort of festive fun activities in the city both Friday and Saturday. Anyone who can make it, should. Turn that boring valentines date of dinner & bedroom-fun into ridiculous escapades most likely whilst wearing fancy dress. Or, recover from your date night by enjoying booze and beer the way it is best enjoyed, outdoors! Use your pocket computers to text or face time me & let’s go get weird. #professionallygoodlooking #puppies #kevrox (at Puppy Mansion)

So cute!!! (at Marin Headlands)

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Friends don’t let friends wake up at five & bike to a lighthouse to drink beer & cheap booze alone. #bikenerdherd #blamekova (shot & edited on my pocket phone machine.) (at Kovarus Technologies)

I spent the morning enjoying the majestic natural allure of the Marin Headlands. #slideintotheclub #blamekova (at Point Bonita Lighthouse)