A grown man should be able to take a Booze Snooze™ in the living room without having to worry about getting his nards smashed. Am I right @thejeritage? (at Productive Slumber)

Nothin wrong with a good old Booze Snooze™ after a couple weeks partying like a responsible adult. Am I right @thejeritage? (at Productive Slumber)

Boys of Summer (at In-N-Out Burger - Novato)

Been a slow month guys. Tell me about your day. (at Blackbird)

Really gunnin’ for that Hipster of the Year award guys. #freshtodeath (at Greens Sports Bar)

This is what I look like meow you guys! (at Tonic SF)

Obviously @NickKova is all about that Vacation Life™. Here he is reveling among friends living life to its fullest, basking in the majestic glow of the sun setting down to rest over the Golden Gate Bridge. (at “Disgusting” rooftop neighbors)

Today my beard turned one you guys! Happy birthday to my beard! (at Girl’s Night)

Hey look at this dog you guys. See you next month. (at Crissy Field)

Posted 6 months ago

#year30 month two, you guys. Celebrate with Miley! (at Puppy Mansion )

This carpet’s sock game is on point // #sfcyclingclub (at Crows Nest Santa Cruz)

Posted 7 months ago

Pretty good month to start off #Year30 here’s some stuff I took moving pictures of. (Staring: @lisadlug @penny_farthing @bremnermorris @nickkova) #puppymansionpublishing (at Puppy Mansion)

Y’all should follow my roommate @nickkova. Mostly just to see more of me, but also he takes pretty ok photos & stuff. (at Marin Headlands)

Happy New Year guys. Welcome to #year30. Gonna be trying to write letters to everyone who wants one. Do you want a letter? Just get me your address. You can text it to me, Facebook it to me, DM it to me on here, there’s lots of ways. Let’s be pen pals. (at Puppy Mansion)

I am the Firestarter©. This booze blend will certainly put a bee in your bonnet, a pep in your step, a fire under your arse! Garnished with two lit matches, the refreshing whirlpool of vodka, Hawaiian Punch, & five Hour Energy is perfect for getting your night started wrong. Jerry™ drinks three a day to stay jovial. #cocktology #craftcocktailsbro #mixology @thejeritage (at Puppy Mansion)